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Testimony for a State Budget to Rebuild Massachusetts

A Budget for the People of Massachusetts

In January of every year, the Governor puts out a proposed budget for the Commonwealth. This year the public story is that there have to be budget cuts. Yes, the economy is bad, but what policies will reverse our bad economy for all the people of Massachusetts? As opposed to continuing policies that continue to give what remaing money we have away to the biggest corporate and monied interests, what if we used the state's remaining resources to fuel jobs and the spending of the vast majority of our people?

Main Street $marts tells our economic past and future from Main St's perspective!

Grace Ross's provocative and incisive new book, Main Street $marts is here! Join us for Brown Bag lunch, February 17th at 12:30 at 29 Winter St, United for a Fair Economy.  Learn more about the book and other events, order a copy or schedule an opportunity for Grace to come speak to your community at the link above.


Polling at 27%, Grace continues the fight!

Hi, friends,

Below is footage from the press conference of our announcement about signatures from today; important point is that the fight needs to continue even when we don’t have enough signatures to get on the ballot…

Not included here is that I ended with a strong statement that I won’t give up and asking the voters not to give up either.

I got into the race to be a catalyst to try to get people to act for what we need now in a major election year when it can have a greater chance of creating needed changes. That prompting has worked in getting people to consider not just supporting business as usual. Without me in the race, we need to make this into an opportunity for all of us to move for more fundamental changes of direction in our state as whole. Lets not miss this opportunity even if it is not by working to get me elected (although, believe it or not, there are those who want to push a draft-Grace, write-in campaign…)

The anger on the ground is real – and I am asking you to help us shift the ground under the feet of our present leaders. I am asking you to stay in the organizing and electoral work needed to bring the attention of all our sisters and brothers in the Commonwealth back onto a demand for shared responsibility and the common good.

• Please contact us if you want me to speak anywhere or join your efforts to improve some aspect of our lives. • Please consider purchasing my book, Main Street Smarts, when it is published in the coming weeks. • Don’t allow the conversations around you to become about blaming different groups – help shift them toward demanding that our government become about the needs of regular people again. • Don’t allow government leaders to tell you there is not enough money or jobs to meet the needs of regular people until they stop the tax breaks to big corporations – especially if the executives of those corporations then give them money! • Don’t allow government leaders to say we have to cut healthcare or housing or jobs and services until they have moved to policies like medicare-for-all, end the policies that let lenders destroy our neighbors and our neighborhoods, and other reforms that improve quality while decreasing costs. • And please, be in touch if you are willing to join our efforts to get real affordable healthcare for ALL of us, reverse the foreclosure crisis and fight for a healthier environment.

I am not going away and don’t you either! I will have more thoughts as this settles down, but I am also going to put a significant push into getting the book published so I can get out talking to people again!

IF YOU ARE A DELEGATE: We still need a presence at the Democratic Convention – there are votes there we are going to care about. PLEASE be in touch with us – email so we can make sure you are engaged!

IF YOU CAN VOLUNTEER – we have administrative work, thank-yous and lots of phone calls, driving & other follow-up to complete – PLEASE be in touch!


Why a candidate by & for the people matters....

PLEASE LISTEN - Besides being stopped on the street by people from all walks of life and pretty much across the political spectrum, please watch these two videos. I believe that a clarion call bringing all of us together to reverse our economic course is fundamental to address the rising tide of anger and stop people being caught up in blame and hate...

Grace Ross for Governor

Grace Ross has been a long time advocate for economic and social justice. She grew up in New York City, made her home in Massachusetts after attending Radcliffe and Harvard. Grace went on to make a name for herself coordinating community non-profits and being an effective and inclusive community organizer. Her 2006 gubernatorial campaign generated large-scale grassroots response and modeled that politics need not be "business as usual."

Grace Ross has co-authored dozens of pieces of legislation at the local and state level and has recently authored a book, Main Street $marts. In working with others she has helped to bring about policy changes across a vast arena; from our cities and towns, to our state and nation, and even internationally through filing briefs at the United Nations.

Grace Ross believes in the power of people coming together.  The well-worn fundamentals of civic engagement and grassroots leadership worked to keep our hospitals overwhelmingly non-profit while other states changed over to for-profit hospitals. This has had a direct quality of life impact on our community for the better. Grace has worked from outside elected office with other community leaders, activists and her labor brothers and sisters. She is beholden to the people not the insiders, grounded in that bedrock of beliefs that this government belongs to the people and for the people.

Grace Ross supports solutions that reflect our most enduring values. She believes we must create a shift in our government's priorities by:

  • Prioritizing jobs over sweetheart deals for the largest corporate interests.
  • Helping small business create and retain jobs.
  • Passing legislation that could literally halt the impact of the foreclosure crisis in this state.
  • Instituting universal choice/universal coverage healthcare (known by many as single-payer) that also finally controls health care costs.

The need for change is strong and the time for change is now.  Join us in our mission to put the people of Massachusetts ahead of corporate interests.

When we fight we win!


Time to Crack Down on Prison Costs

Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Grace Ross GoLocalWorcester MINDSETTER™

Grace Ross, GoLocalWorcester MINDSETTER

In 2006 when I ran for Governor I did an across the board analysis of our state budget. While healthcare continues to increase in cost and eat up more and more of our state budget, the budget for Corrections, that is prison and criminal supervision in addition to prison costs, ate up 1 out of every $20 in our state budget. It seemed to me that to be responsible to the people of this state I needed to assess whether that money was being well spent. Safety being a critical function of government if that money was being well used, it might have been worth the investment.

It's economic policy, stupid...

Wednesday, March 07, 2012
Grace Ross, GoLocalWorcester MINDSETTER ™

A year ago after the market had been down for a while and folks were suffering from the unemployment that’s rampant these days, I had dinner with a friend. She’d done a couple of days worth of favors for me and I was having her out for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants to thank her for that effort. Part way through dinner she divulged to me that the dinner was really a big deal for her. Not only has her work as an independent contractor dwindled for a number of years as the economy has worsened, but in fact she recently attempted to get food stamps. They had miscalculated her income at one point and therefore refused to give her food stamps now and she really needed them.

Foreclosure Crisis No Where Near Over

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Grace Ross, GoLocalWorcester MINDSETTER ™

The foreclosure crisis so far has been devastating. As we look around, it's hard to believe that anything this bad could have happened with so little attention from the government regulators and others who should have made a difference.

Initially, this crisis was expected to last five years. A report just released by the National Consumer Law Center that's says we're not even halfway through. Unless we can change the laws and get real action – decisive and uncompromising – from the various powers that be, we can expect more than twice as many foreclosures still to come.

For Massachusetts – one of the harder hit states – we've seen 45,000 foreclosures by the end of 2011. With no decisive action, we will see over 100,000 more before the end of the crisis. 

Unemployment Vote - A Universe of Bad Choices

Wednesday, February 22, 2012
Grace Ross, GoLocalWorcester MINDSETTER ™

In a universe of bad choices...

Friday marked another decision in the downward spiral of national policy decisions. Decisions where regular people had essentially no notice and no opportunity for input. Decisions made to hurt the incomes of regular people and so continue to undermine our society’s economic future since our spending drives about 70% of our entire economy.

That’s not a disputed fact among economists. Our elected leaders either don’t know whom our economic future depends on or don’t care. A reality particularly galling in a supposed democracy and leading many of us to wonder if these public servants on our public payroll only care about the money flowing into their own pockets and their reelection accounts.